About Grace Schofield

Daughter, Sister, Friend, Student-Athlete, J Student, Believer, Dreamer, and the list goes on and on…

My name is Grace Schofield and I am a hard-working, fun-loving,  life-living girl from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

I am a junior double-majoring in Public Relations and Advertising, while also participating as an active member of the NCAA Division one volleyball team at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

I went to Carmel Catholic High School in Mundelein, IL. There, I played on the varsity volleyball team for four years. I was an Honor Roll student for my entire career there, and I also got a special opportunity to lead the April 2015 Kairos Retreat.

I chose to come to Drake University for a multitude of reasons; the two main reasons were the obvious incredible academic option that they had to offer. And the other reason I chose to come here was because I saw an opportunity to be able to play and letter at a NCAA Division One program. I thought that Drake could offer me a perfect balance of academic and athletics as well as a challenging yet doable college experience.

In the picture above is my favorite thing in the world…my family. It wasn’t always easy growing up with eight people in my house. My sisters can be dramatic and my brothers can be quite ornery. But at the end of the day and above everything else, my siblings and parents always added joy to my world.

I am the fourth born. I have two older sister, Allison (26) and Kala (25). My older Tommy (22), who just happens to be the best role model a little sister could ask for…I’ll get into that later. And then there is my younger sister Annabelle (19). And of course, last but not least, the baby, Michael (12).

My parents are the greatest couple-they’re celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary this December. They also create a wonderful balance between love, faith and happiness. They help me find balance and importance in my own life.

I didn’t come into college with a set plan of what I wanted to do when I “grow up,” and for the most part, that is still the case.

Through my academic and course work in my collegiate career I have found out what I love to do and certain areas hat I excel in, however, I don’t have a set position that I have my eyes on as I am coming closer to finishing out my life as a student.

Take a look at my site to learn more about me, my hobbies and my life.